Wednesday, March 24, 2010

they say, if you wanna make God laugh then all you gotta do is tell Him your plans.

So it's been forever, huh? So many things get in the way and really, blogging seems like the last thing on my mind! Or ya know, I just totally forgot I even had a blog. Oh how sillly I am.

Things in my life have been going GREAT. God as definitely been rocking my world. Unfortunately I've lost a little sight and not been focusing on Him as much as I should but He definitely keeps letting me know He's here!! How amazing is our God!

School is going really well for once. I thought once I transferred that maybe I would sooner or later regret the change, but I don't! I am so glad I made it. Yeah, it does stink that I lost some friends along the way, but what's really important is that I did what's best for me. And it's definitely paying off. My grades are looking pretty awesome! However, I am still struggling with what to do with my life. That is until today.

Until today I was going to major in Psychology and get my Associate's degree while at KCK, and then transfer to a 4 year university for my last two years in which I would receive my bachelor's degree. However, I've been hearing A LOT lately that I would make a great nurse. So of course, I looked into the program they have for nursing at KCK. If I do that, I won't have to transfer to a four year. I can get my associates at KCK and still work as a nurse. If I had only gotten my associates in Pscyh. there wouldn't be very many jobs you can get with only an associates. And honestly, I don't think going to any other school than KCK is going to be good for me. It's so small and cozy and I love it. It's MUCH like being in high school but I don't know anyone besides a select few, so that's nice. But anyway, I think this fall I am going to take a class to get my CNA. A lot of people keep telling me that working as a CNA is best before totally deciding to go into Nursing. Apparently if I can handle being a CNA, than I can handle being a nurse! So nursing it is OFFICIALLY. I'm so excited to know where I'm going with my life!!

However, if things change, that's okay too. I know God cracks up when He hears our life plans because what He has in mind is probably TOTALLY different. But for right now I feel like God is telling me this is what He wants me to do. I sure hope I'm hearing Him right!

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