Wednesday, May 13, 2009

just something to do.

It seems to me that this summer is going to be full of free time for Kimberlyn, so I figure, what better to do than to blog? I've never been much of a blogger honestly, but why not? I am an insomniac during the summertime. I love staying up late, so I might as well have something to do. I intend on doing a lot of photography this summer, so I might as well have somewhere to put it as well. I haven't been doing many shoots lately, but I just planned one with my favorite model: my best friend Molly! We decided we're going to spend a day just driving around attempting to find fun places to take pictures. We live in a dreary town, so hopefully we'll be able to find SOMETHING. I'm sure if we just look hard enough we can find lots of hidden treasure, if you will. Anyway, I guess that's about it for now. I leave you with a few pictures I've recently taken. :) 

Molly & I went adventuring in the woods, and ended up a l
ittle dirty, but with some good pictures!