Monday, May 3, 2010

almost 48 hours...

And I've only had water to drink. It hasn't been too terrible so far. Minus a tempting mountain dew my boyfriend was drinking as well as my dad actually buying soda and it being in the fridge in the garage. Luckily I slammed the door and ran back in the house before my hand could get away from my control and grab one. I had a headache yesterday, and something tells me I'll be experiencing a lot of those from the lack of caffeine. My body is so used to at least having a little every day. So we'll see. I really hate water unless I'm eating something while drinking it, so as far as just drinking water whenever, that's not working for me.

I've tried to be a little better about what I eat but that's been difficult too. Especially considering our family (or at least my brother and I) have been so busy and we're not all home at once. When we are, it's usually the weekend and no one wants to cook so we end up with fast food. I want to exercise more too but unfortunately right now I've got shin splints and it hurts to do a lot of physical activity. Work has been kicking my butt for that reason, but I've got my shin wrapped so maybe it'll get better soon? I was reading about them on medical websites and most doctors suggest like two weeks of rest while keeping it elevated and iced. Unfortunately I've got school and work, so that's not going to happen. And once school is out, I'm headed to LA shortly after for a mission trip where I'll be on my feet a lot. So good luck keeping me rested. Maybe in late June I'll think about it, ha ha. It's hard to get me to sit still for a few hours let alone two weeks! Not gonna happen, sorry.

So anyway, I'll be sure to keep ya'll updated (does anyone read this?) on my progress with this no soda thing, so we'll see where it takes me. :)

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