Saturday, August 7, 2010

He gave me hope when I had none.

I always forget about this, but a friend of mine started a new blog today and it reminded me that I have this one, and even though practically no one reads it, it always makes me feel better to pretend they do and post anyway. :)

A lot has changed, as usual. God has REALLY been working in my life the past 6 and a half weeks. He has given me such peace and such comfort since my boyfriend left for basic training. God has FINALLY granted me the gift of patience after all these years of not having it. But since Zac has been away it has given me a great opportunity to grow more in the Lord on my individually. Every morning I am so excited to get up and read my bible! And every night when I lie my head on my pillow I am so thankful for every blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me.

I always say I'm no good at being alone, but what I never really thought about is that I'm NEVER alone, for my God is always with me! When I'm sad and crying and broken hearted, He's the one whose hands are holding me. He guides me through every situation in my life. Every decision. And even when the whole world is against me, I must remember that He is not, and He is always with me.

I have taken this time away from Zac to really focus on God. Zac was always who I ran to when I was having a bad day or anything. But this physical separation has really let me step back and rely on God for everything. My life is in HIS hands, not mine. It is beyond my control. I write to Zac daily and tell him of my new findings in the Lord, and I am so excited for Zac to finally come home so we can grow in the Lord together as a couple, because I think that's REALLY what our relationship has needed.

I am thankful for this time away from Zac because it has given me so much opportunity to focus on ME. I very rarely ever put myself first before anyone. I'm the one who puts all others above my own wants, needs, and feelings. But lately, I've been focusing on me. And putting myself first. And while that may sound selfish, it's done me a lot of good. And not only has it done me some good, it's also been doing wonderful things for Zac and I's relationship. Physical separation does wonders for the heart, honestly. Of course I miss him, but I wouldn't change any of these last six and a half weeks, even if it meant he never had to leave...

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